June 18, 2017

You need 3X hard-work to be our parents

This is not a guide on how to be a parent — But, a personal tone I would like to embark on being one of the courageous and hardworking breed I’ve ever known…

I am proud to be a Filipino, and very fortunate to have parents like mine who has my standards of the most productive human beings in the world. I was raised in the province of Cavite and now a thriving Manila based Designer here in the Philippines.

My parents are the most productive persons I’ve ever known and probably the most caring individual here on earth, knowing how hard to raise two kids in a third world country, I can’t imagine how hard is that, you will be needing three times a hard-work just to pass that.

Probably, I left them behind by creating logos, building websites, learning how to code and knowing how to write using my 5th Graded English here in my personal website. But, will salute them on so much value and sacrifice they gave for me, just to appreciate life and dream for a more better future.

Growing up, I remember my father needed to go to work as a carpenter which pays below the minimum wage and always ends up on what they called “Endo” or End of Contract in every three-six month, many companies has this policy and still didn’t know why this is still exists. Until he decided to go to abroad for 13 years. Well, I guess I will be looking forward to end that and give it to the current leadership that is taking an action on changing our country.

Also, remembering how my mother always making debt on our neighbors that has a mini store or we called “Sari Sari Store” so we can survive the month before my father’s payout. But, very grateful that they never give up their dreams for us. I really love how they make us stronger and tell us the most positive words that they can tell to us, just to make sure we can go to school and pass all the requirements that might be needing. They always remind me to be productive as much as possible, so I can honor them by doing it and maybe that is the priceless thing that I can ever give or do for them.

I know how much love that our parents can give just to raised us to be a better person and a valuable individual in our community.

So, here are some of the qualities that I found worth sharing from my roots.

Always Compromise — Accepts standards that are lower than desirable.

Sacrifice for family — Parents sacrifice time and sleep to take care of their children.

Has tremendous amount of hard-work — They always give a great deal of effort and mostly endurance for us to make more viable as individual.

This just a simple letter to honor our parents especially our Fathers on this special day. If you have any thoughts please do let me know.

Have an awesome week!