February 20, 2017

Writing helps me supervise my creative life

Some of the worse habit I have is overthinking. I stressed myself thinking for the future, for some reason I know it can be good but also can be a bad thing. But, most of the time I over think to the point that it's giving me a headache and writing it down is one reason to calm my mind. It's where I aline my thoughts, focus on the moment, reflect and analyze what I have.

Writing is hard and can't learn overnight. But, just like I said you can list down your goals then just do it, it's one of the first five on my list anyway. You don't need to be perfect at first pitch. Besides, we are human, we are always a work in progress. Keeping yourself real making you far by living a mediocre life.

"Focus on the good things"

A habit can be bad but can also a good asset if you try to think in a different direction, realizing that any bad thing in this world can be converted into a good one, be creative and optimist. You can drag that vibes up. Just always be passionate about it and love what you do, let say that not everyone can have it. Be proud about it.

We'll always comes to a point where we overthink into something, we try to know the answers that's far behind. That's why writing helps me with it, settling me down to what's happening in my life right now, not what will it happen in the coming days.

"We live in a place where everyone buys Negativity. Why not sell positivity even if it's hard."

Have an awesome week. Love, Jaychrist