May 12, 2016

Work Hard. Trust God. Enjoy Life

It’s been a great year for me since last year started last June 2015 until now, that was the day when my web development skills again put into a never ending test in a very different environment, though share some experiences as a Web Designer and how am I able to cope up from being a freelance print designer with some side project in web development, digging tons of experiences and some cash to a corporate world.

My hustling world begins after High School graduated from a public school and coming from a not very fortunate family. I am a product of a carpenter (My Father) and a Megaphone (My Mother, who always yells at me lol!). I remember how we struggle that time because of my father’s inability to support us but really proud that my parents didn’t let us sleep without food in our stomach.

That was a time where I was pushed by my own mind and heart to really work hard to help my family and also to save for my college while my father preparing to go abroad to find a more sustainable job for us. I worked as a Factory worker specialized in motor parts products and been a stock clerk in a Toy Store. Why I am writing all this?

The answer is simple, because I want to plant some seeds or maybe a little hope or inspirations for ya’ll.

My point is, “I am what I am today because I was what I was yesterday”. A thriving digital craftsman, thinker, visionary, creator of some good stuff and a friend you can talk too. One of the key aside from hard work is to really trust god. “You’ll do the hustling and leave it all to him.”

The last one referring to the title of this writing is enjoying the life no matter how hard, simple or empty pocket you have that is all that matters, from this jungle eventually you can find ways to survived and continuously learn.

Now, are you digging it? here’s my advice as a web designer, you can never learn if you failed to taste the failure. another one is you can’t be too good by all means, anyone can always stand out and makes you look like a shit. The most important thing is to do not step on someone. For me, you just have to always learn from your failure and enjoy victory as it can.

“Design is a continuous learning just like the intention to continually breath.”