August 20, 2017

Why Designplushub?

“Designplushub aim to build a like-minded community, fun culture, work space and activities to freelancers and start-ups in the Philippines, with the purpose of increasing their productivity, reduce their feeling of isolation, and expand their network.”

Our story starts in the ideation of a supportive culture, who share same values and purpose. We like to start this in that direction. It’s not just all about this creative space that can be shared, it’s all about the people who will used it in purposeful work. It can be for personal growth, to network with friends or just share simple act of kindness or just be a more human being.

We know how great and awesome this can be like, if this will take place here in the Philippines, specially here in thriving province of Cavite. It’s fun and exciting. But, the problem is no one care enough about it. I mean, some are aware of it but not all people know what it’s all about it and why I encourage it and try to start it. That’s why, I tried to start in small, and win little league every single time. Day by day I try to disseminate it by word of mouth. Like for example, I have a network of 10 designer friends who really interested about it.

As a co-founder, I really appreciate their interest, that is one of the many reason why I like to dig differ and execute our plans. So, speaking about executing about this plan. I’ve talked on some of the great entrepreneurs previously and hear their thoughts about it. Last week was a very busy schedule to scout some space for this venture and I’m really excited to share it in the coming days how it turns out. Hold on tight, some scenarios are not as I planned, I know we have a lot of challenges that needs to face in but, it will be a very worth of the journey.

By the way, for those who are interested individual which I call “warm people” for this venture. I’d liked to share some of the benefits that you can get in joining our co-working space. Without further a due. Please, read some of it and share your thoughts bellow. I’m very excited to hear it too.

1. Natural Connections

I’m not against about how freelancers or entrepreneurs used the social media today. But, it’s unnatural. I get it, we used it more often to connect to our friends, business partners and families. But, it’s unnatural way of doing it. Right? Even me is guilty about it. I feel that I am more connected to them virtually more than personally. I don’t know why it was called Social Media? It should be called a Cold Media of communication. So, going back I’ve been feeling more isolated more and more this time so I like the natural connections be the number one on the list. It’s hard to get back on track and learn it again. Trust me, that’s why I tried to reach out on my friends by getting them a coffee and to my family by sharing them a simple meal every day I am free from work. This will be very beneficial on how we communicate toward others.

2. Reducing the feeling of isolation

If you’re one of my friend on my personal Facebook account or just following my page, I wrote this last week. I asked about your mental health which is relevant to the feeling of isolation. It’s a very big topic and it would take our whole day talking about it. I believe, that some of the problem of anxiety and bad experience are created by our current technology. The data is very fast, the time is very fast and we have so much work to do. That’s why we focus more on shitty things rather that giving the positive vibes and sharing little lovely things to our friends or love ones. Just going with the flow is healthy but, not doing anything for yourself is not great. It’s healthy to talk personally and give positive feedback more often. Why we can’t just do that?

3. Increasing productivity

I think you hear some tips or watch some videos of it for quite some time now. How tools, process and secrets to increased your productivity and creativity. Well, most of them are true but, I feel that having a community that supports, hear and give feedback to your work or ideas are very much do this stuff. I don’t like to share some fake statistic of numbers just to convinced you. But, It’s from personal experience. If I hear more positive comments about my work or just a thank you on how I helped them is like a warm tap on my shoulder. It’s keeps me going, it keeps me motivated and optimistic. And most importantly It feels more human.

“Do the work but, at the same time make a living.”

I really hope that I give you some idea of the many things that this creative space + community space all about. You can sign up at to know more about it. I am very excited and hear your thoughts bellow. If you have a any question please do not hesitate to ask. Have an awesome week!

Much Love,