September 04, 2017

What makes a professional website

If you are planning to have a website for your business or just showcasing your professional work. When you’re ready, my professional features will help you make the most of your website. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Create an awesome About page

Having an about page is one of the default needs of your website, every professional site at least has this. This page should briefly explain what characteristic you have and the mission you like to pursue with your new website. A short bio and the process you instill to solve a problem is also a nice way to make this page awesome.

Make it official with a custom domain

Before launching a site, I advise you to focus and brainstorm on this one, to make sure the domain you’re going to buy is a right fit for your business or your portfolio. Be creative on choosing the name. A very short and interesting word for your domain will work for your business site. For showcasing your work, just your full name will be fine and make it professional looking.

Pair it with a professional email address

Most of existing hosting provider has this feature or included on their package if you will buy a subscription from them you will get a email address connected to you domain name (e.g [email protected]), this is advisable for bigger business or has a budget to spend. But, if you’re a small business or just started there are few free hosting to get you started and a gmail address will work for you.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

At our current technology where everyone is in their smartphone every now and then, your website must adopt in any kind of devices. This not only make your business or portfolio site a more professional looking but, also will make your site more engaging for your visitors.

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

This are some of the points or key feature to get your professional or business website ready, if this simple guide helps you out please do not hesitate to let me know and if you have a specific question just drop it bellow, I am more than willing to answer it.

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,