February 05, 2017

Veer in a new direction for 2017

This blog exist for two reason. One, because I love to document my progress and filled my Life with writings. It helps me to utilized my skill in terms of communication for a day to day basis. Two, is to share my learning by sharing the most interesting resources that I found in the web in a way to contribute to design community specially the design community in the Philippines. Let's begin!

2016 is a progressive year if we talk about innovation of designs. The need of innovating something and experimenting in a way that user will be the center goal is on a higher demand. Reasons are not only to exhibit good design but also to apply the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. Google's Material Design is the biggest influence for this changes.

Check out the 2017 Design Trends Guide made by Milo Themes

"The 2017 design guides is really nice to watch and exciting to see which trends I already knew and which not. So I can try it in my next project and try to experiment with it."

I encourage you to explore the bigger area of design and stumble with it so you can find what really your style by following your hearts desire.

Have an awesome week.