September 24, 2017

Unsolicited advice: Don’t buy the X

I was surprised with the latest announcement from the world’s leading phone maker in the market. It’s so cool, you will surely turn your head and will never looked back. Every feature was truly amazing. I will never deny that, this is something that worth paying for and having it is likely needed.

Well, it means that their marketing campaign caught you on guard. It was designed for you to buy it. I know how much you convinced yourself to buy it for work, To buy it to get ahead with everyone else. Asking yourself, do I really need it? Is it worth it? Do I need to upgrade? Is this something that I want?

Alright, just so you know, This write up is not about judging the design and its functionality. I mean what the fuck? Their number one. Who am I to judge it? Right? It’s very beautiful and has sleek design and that's very hard to avoid. I’m not going to argue with that. So, instead of judging them about the notch issue, I’ll just tone myself to be more essential. Here’s my unsolicited advice that might valuable for everyone.

You don’t need it because you have priorities

This is number one in the list, and I think it’s very self-explanatory. You need money to buy foods, you have bills to pay and more. Don’t be too hard on yourself to add it on your monthly bill. Just please focus on the needs not on what you want. Having a savings might be on your top priority. And you know what? This hits me hard. I personally battling to that financial freedom while making sure I'm focusing on my priorities and goals that helps me to progress.

Don’t buy it unless you have a silver spoon in your mouth

For some who was born in a silver spoon in their mouth. I don’t care if you buy it even if it’s not necessary. Go on, I think as long as your pocket is not gonna hurt and you have a lot more to spend, it will never be an issue. But, for like me who was born in a third world country I advise you to be very resourceful. Be creative. Find an alternative to hit that same top. Just keep going.

Don’t buy it because you don’t need a phone

Of course, this is not politically correct. It’s case to case basis. Ask the why’s first. Why I don’t need a phone? Why I need a phone? Is it for my work? To communicate to my family abroad? Why I need to settle for less, when I can settle for more? Try to puzzle out the pieces. If you need more references to help you with these, you can check one the famous blog of the minimalist and the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

Let me tell my story of pursuing less, I haven't used phone for two weeks now. I decided to give it to my brother and I never been more contented with my life. I have more time to sleep. The experience is amazing. I have more time to write, read and set my goals for a bigger version without being overwhelmed by checking my phone every second of my day. It’s amazing. What is my tool of communication? I communicate upfront. Talk to my family and friends and check my Facebook or email once a day using my laptop.

It helps me reduce my media addiction, because I’m not in front of my laptop every second of the day. I just open it when I need to work or do some design stuff. I mean, it works for me but, I guess you can try it too. I might need phone for future works but, for now it was nice to experience this and glad to share it with you. After all, we don’t need to value how much quality does a thing have. We need to value more the people who truly cares and stay still around us no matter what.

"You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything."

Do you have your story of being less with the things you have? Love to hear it. Let me know below. And if you find this valuable please do not hesitate to give feedback and recommend it to anyone, it’ll mean a world to me.

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,