October 08, 2017

Unmuting your Passion and Creativity

Have you ever wondered, why every successful creative professional has always something to offer? Why it looks like that they have so much stuff that hiding on their sleeves? Why every day is like an over flowing bucket of their creative juices and greatness?

For this week letter, we will try to answer that and give you an interesting thought on, how they did it? On how they maximize and create something every day that most of mediocre mind does not. This topic interests me so much for the past 7+ years of my career as a creative and hoping to give justice on this note.

Never-ending fire of passion

I know a lot of people who really passionate about what they doing, that really inspire me do something out of my comfort zone. It’s their passion and love about their craft that hammering them to do the work and execute the ideas or they plan. I feel, that this is one of the best characteristic that you might have in order for you to win and change the norms with your own ways and beliefs. Having this drive makes me think more practical to work in more purposeful projects that will contribute even in a smallest community.

Following great leaders and instilling their values

You can actually observe how and why they did this, most of the successful individual look back or follow true leaders to inspire them in every-day work. I personally do this kind of stuff and I really recommend this, I suggest to research on the most influential leaders in the world in history whether back in time or newly born leaders. Now, for online enthusiast or creative professional. I’m stoked to recommend these leaders (in no particular order) from this disruptive era such as Ellon Musk, mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Gary Vaneychuck, Chris Do of The Futur, Seth Godin and many more. You go and search for more and let me know below.

Never-ending pursuit of self-growth and learning

In a world where everyone has the access on vast information, it’s very easy to say you know everything or professional in a specific field. And it’s really exhausting processing all of this on one move. That’s one of the reasons why it’s challenging to start with the big names in the industry. Well, it’s given and really hard to start. But, you only need to start. It’s just trial and error don’t be afraid to fail at something and do it again. Growth, is something that needs continues learning while pursuing your goals in professional or personal life.

And that’s it, hoping that you get some value from this week letter. If you feel, that you have something to add on this list, don’t hesitate to comment is below. I really love to hear it from you and don’t forget to recommend this to anyone that might find this useful.

"There is no passion to be found playing small--in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,