October 29, 2017

Unlocking your Creative Heart

Now that you’re reading this another issue of my content series — I’m very excited and grateful of the fact that all of you have been with me throughout the years, and are STILL with me into welcoming another chapter of my life, business and personal progress with open arms. What else can I say? Thank you!

Now, it’s been said that being a creative professional need a lot of hard work and creativity. Not just that, also we need to be resourceful and make something out of what we have. And that is really true, from the last 7+ years of my industry experience. I learned a ton of shits and I’m grateful to exceed all the challenges since then — The future is still bright.

I feel, that one of the secret ingredients of surviving in this fast phase technology is by giving your best with a little luck and of course with your creative heart. For this week, I’ll list down a few of what I do and hopefully help you out on unlocking your creative heart. Without further a due, here it is.

I don’t treat writing like it’s a distraction from my day job

Why I do this? It’s because I love writing as much as designing, I never treat it as a distraction. I’m always – ALWAYS – moving forward, unafraid of where future may take me, embracing the change and still excited and passionate as ever about learning more and trying things in different way. That’s what I’m trying to do: while being respectful of the old ways and the technologies and breakthrough that have brought me all here.

Be one of the few good men

As I came across those different times where life gets more tougher and tougher, I’m trying to focus more on the good things. Some are getting me wrong, please don’t: I’m no expert. I’m not claiming to be the best, or the authority in anything. I just love the fact that everything’s goes as I planned. Not, really accurate but still okay. I feel like it’s the best and excites me to unlock more of my hidden potentials in all I do and in all my future engagement. How awesome is that?

Keep moving forward

Whether in business or life — Doing it intentionally while keeping my arrow target-focused still makes a difference every-day. For me, it’s an everyday battler. Keeping it real, keeping it steady and consistent is the real challenges. Not the skills, not the end result but, the things that I do in between or might say the journey. It’s all that matters.

Again — Thank you so much for all the supports, will always be grateful in any way. Still love to know your feedback about this topic. Please recommend it to your friends or collegues It will mean a world to me If you do that. In the end, we are all winners. Stay awesome!

"Make each day your masterpiece."

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,