December 12, 2016

Time to check back

Looking back on this year so far

It's been a roller coaster ride so far. As I expected everything has been more hectic and full of surprises not to mention challenges that test my knowledge, problem solving and wisdom. I have to tell the truth, this year was not that easy neither no other way to hack it, thanks god I am emotionally ready for all of those unexpected urgency most importantly had the guts to stand still — progressive.

It's not enough to just understand how to move forward and take action to what you believe, because that's everyone been doing.

I'll start where it seems most abvious. At home. With the chance on our family to be whole again when my father decided to stay in the philippines after working in the other country for 13 years. To be honest, I am very happy to decide that I'll take in charge on our family for now and knowing that we we're able to eat as a complete family, chat and share my blessings to them, it was a rewarding feeling for me but, misunderstanding still been an issue between him and my mother. It seems that theres a lot more to do as a son. I believe it is still a work in progress. I love to remember the happy moments of us rather remembering those challenging events.

I've been going to creative professionals meetups off and on this year. Last year, was a promising year for me some things that I listed on my mind is to attend, share, inspire and even contribute to the community as a creative professional in all possible way. Would like you to spare me an excuse on my soft talk on the last Dribbble meetup, It was my first time to share in front of lovely audience with my wisdom and progress. I hosted that event also by the way. Good thing, my friends help me out to make it possible I know how cool we were and how we nailed it. It was a fullfilling part when I had the chance to draft two of the most talented artist in our country. And love how sponsors reach out to us and promise to support us on the next year event.

Another thing, one of the biggest things, that this year has taught me is about mindfulness - I think that is what I really want to conclude in this write up. Let me take the chance to example of having a chance to be part of the Team Leads in my current company. It was more likely learning the business more in depth. Why? this is where I experienced what I think I need the most. Being on the front, taking instructions or approval before doing something which is a very ussual an corporate scenario. It makes me feel less a human being, but, I guess thats the way it is. The system will alwasy be a system until someone breaks it. What I still hold on is to be considerate in any instance, I guess that is the way or only way I know. Must say a very obvious to state as a human being.

There is no wrong answer when it comes on what you believe, only remains what question we left behind.

Listen, I don't have all the answer and I am not into motivational bullshit, what I embrace is my own path, the reasons and the puzzle that I like you to complete without spoonfeeding. I don't do that anyway, I just leave the questions and will assure you that you'll love to take time to find the answer. When it comes to design and art your perspective is the key this was the old habbit that still in me since I decided to create something that everyone will remember or atleast add a little impact as you conquer the so called forest.

The biggest fear is not knowing whats ahead of us. Thngs will happened, the idea is how curious you are, how ready you are and how you act on any situation. focus on the good things. We are not meant to go through on this alone.