July 02, 2017

The Value of “I Don’t Know”

Are you Smart enough to say the word “I Don’t Know”? Or you have this ego and afraid to admit that you don’t know?

I know, saying those words are like embracing this so-called ignorance. In fact, you feel uncomfortable and most of us are afraid or rarely doing it. It simply because you are not smarter than you think, that’s the reason why. We have this attitude of relying on our own beliefs. Yes, we always have it.

Many of us would rather stand for something with a loose foundation, and challenge anyone rather than to reconsider. Pretending like you know everything doesn’t look you Smarter. It looks more you are lying and you disappoint more of yourself. This generation, needs to learn more the value of this words. “I Don’t Know” keeps us in our circle of competence and awareness.

Meaning, risk of potential harm is low, but it also works as a feedback tool and forces us to get smarter.

Being honest gives you more opportunity to grow. We need to think better, ask more good questions and learning the value of this words will make you Smarter. Stop thinking that you are always better than anyone else, where you are not. Life is complex and messy, it’s okay not to know everything.

It’s fine to take time to form a more built opinion and it’s useful to acknowledge ignorance. As I always telling, try to puzzled out the pieces.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” — Socrates

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Hoping you to have a wonderful week.