April 10, 2017

The things I learned from Francis Kong

It was interesting that my current agency invited me to attend a one-day training session facilitated by Francis Kong. I'm stoked about the training after hearing that I am one of the few of the chosen to attend this kind of seminar, a lot of expectations pop up into my mind.

One thing that I expect is off course new learnings, networking and book recommendations. Also, I research about Francis kong before the event and found out that he is one of the highly acclaimed inspirational speakers in the Philippines, his programs dedicated to helping businesses, individuals and even family matters which make me more excited.

Yes, he is an interesting man. I remember my father on how he speak and crack jokes in front of us. The fact that I am very interested in personal development and life, success, and struggles, this is one of the great experiences that I will surely cherish.

Enough about the introductions, so without further a due will share today some of the keynotes, stories and book recommendation that I find very helpful to me and for you as well. Please take note that I will not elaborate much to save time, this is just a micro summarization of the event. I will try my very best to give justice through this newsletter. Let's start now.

1. Wear your Persona

Sir Francis, starts the session by elaborating the meaning of this word. What meaning he gave that I remember is the word "Mask" and if you try to search the definition of this word it will give you this — "a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or terrify other people". This makes me think at that moment that wearing a mask in any situation is a vital part to be successful in life and he also includes very obvious examples like actors. This reminds me of the famous quote.

"Fake it until you make it"

2. Treat Success and Failure with equal amount of suspicious

Another one that Francis kong say is this, that means, to be successful we need to treat this two equally. We are not allowing yourself to be successful if we do not accept failures. This steps will help us to grow and find our true worth. Whether to help our parents or help others. Whatever it is as long as you love what you are doing and create values for others.

3. Understand long term effect

Another thing that points out by the speaker is that most of our decisions are because of emotions, we have to admit it and that's not a bad thing either. But we have to learn that emotions must not effects our future plans. We have to be careful by doing the bad decisions or worse decisions of our life. Just because you are hurt or you are in trouble does not mean it must affect your good decision making. We have to be emotionally ready for all of this and must think for long term effects.

3. Change is scary, but not changing is scariest.

Another good stuff that I remember saying by the speaker. Change is inevitable and it's scary I know, but we have to think that changing for the good is much better rather than doing nothing.

4. Wrong thinking equals wrong living.

By the sentence itself, it's very simple if you think the right way you will live a better life but if not you must change it for the good.

5. Excellent worth is having a great sense of inner greatness.

This line is one of the best content that the speaker said, If you have this I know you will succeed in mind cause after all greatness is just around the corner.


  • Michael Lewis - The Undoing Project
  • Daniel Kahnman - Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Jack and Sesly Welch - The Real Life MBA

Again, thank you for reading hope you find value in this post and if you do please do let me know. I will appreciate that so much. Please note that I just picked some of the keynotes from the speaker and this is just a few of the things I learn from him.

Have an awesome week!