January 22, 2017

The Imposter Syndrome

This is one of the most talk about topic online as from the previous weeks. I read tons of blogs about it and many people write it to hear their side but I think it still has a space to share my personal insight and offer some good advice that I really don't share to anyone. Hope you dig this or not (it's totally fine with me).

What this mean about? Is this something that you would care about? Probably, yes because one of this days you will realized that you have this thing to the extent that you are being BS that doesn't look good for you, me or anyone either.

The Imposter Syndrome by Jaychrist Teves, designer and creative writer

"Fake it till you make it"

I know most of you is familiar with this quote and even I am has this curiosity if this is still work at this point of time where everyone is needed a more transparent human being who does the job right really rather being someone who do the job by fooling other people that he/she knows it all. For me, to be honest as I started my career the quote above really works in some cases but want to give you the Idea that you need to be aware of your skill set just to make sure you don't get your foot on the wrong pit. You may want to check out this awesome blog by Tobias about The Imposter Syndrome as he explain his insight about being a fraud as you become more successful.

Some of the people I personally know have this kind of syndrome but I don't see this personally as a bad or a good thing. I just have to be neutral. Why? If you are just starting your career this is a good thing. This will not give you a bad impression but will give you an engine starter to dive in to what you really love to do and care about. But, it's bad if you actually used this on the extent that you are aiming for a good reputation by faking the obvious.

In general, maybe this so called faking is another way to protect oneself so that strong one will never take you down. I like to call it survival, a natural and simple fact of us that we also called life. It's a questions and will remain as a question of why.

I love the idea of admitting that you don't know that thing and seek for help, I know its need a little courage to show your weaknesses when everyone's eyes is in you waiting for you to fall. But as I always say you don't need to aim for perfection aim for your progress. Keep this idea in mind, if you keep the hard work I believe will bring you in so called growth.

Have a great week and stay humble.