January 29, 2017

The Essentialist

Weeks gone by so quickly, it's been a hell of a busy week. I'm starting to realized that I have so many things that I should be angry about. But in the opposite I am really grateful.

I don't care if I failed some of the shits for this week, what I really care about is my personal progress and I'm documenting it to share it with the people who matters to me.

"Life is about getting up when you fall"

Yeah, I'm tired and frustrated. I think so much, I listen so much, I care so much about the people around me and doing what I am good at. I don't know if this is a curse or a gift.

This blog grows for 6 subscribers for less than a month. The number can't give you a wow factor but It is for me. That is one of the million reasons why I'm so grateful.

This number means a lot for me, I knew that there is someone who likes to read my shit. This mean I am making some impact not that much I guess, but who cares? I take advantage of the resources and the momentum I have. Still have that one goal in mind, it's to take you on my journey of essentialism that's what really matters and this is what is all about.

I'm grateful so thanks to you. Have an awesome week.