October 09, 2016

Term Life

Timing is everything. That’s the word that keeps popping on my head for the past few weeks. I need to blog this, so I did.

Just a typical day of my life. setting my outdated iPhone alarm clock to make sure I’ll wake up 5:30 in the afternoon. Waking up… I have to check my Messenger so I wont miss any message from my love of my life then reply as soon as I can so she wont get mad.

Eat food while chatting about news and some life happenings with my love-ones before I go to bath. After I get dressed I have to walk a few miles to get me on the terminal. At 6 o’clock I am now riding a jeep going to work.

It is a typical day, everyone of my colleagues saying Good evening to me as I do also to them. I sit down on my working space and start to create some stuff for the clients.

It’s usual to me to wonder every time I landed on my own space. A continues search for the most sensible answer for the term called Life.

I know there will never be a perfect answer but there will always be a perfect timing. Thinking that I have many mistakes but not trying to hide or be someone else cause I know myself. Those flaws mean I’m Human.

Anything that requires handwork also requires timing. just like crossing on the street, you have to make sure that the light is already green before making a step.

I was just saying that anything that we have plan or anything that we want for our life has a perfect time. We know how, but will never know when. Hard work is just another term to support it.

Life will always be surviving, life is how you breath in and breath out. But, Life will always be base on our own perspective.