March 12, 2017

Surrendering yourself to choose

It's been a while, I had to skip my last Sunday write up to allow myself to focus on other things that needed my attention. Previous weeks really gets into my nerves and I think it's viable to save my energy so I can think more valuable topic for this week post.

I have a question for you, Had you ever wondered that allowing yourself to choose can make you more productive, genuine, trustworthy and a purpose-driven individual?

It's the old stories, this new economy pushing us to live in a system they called capitalism and it has an existing study that this system reflects development both human and economical, it's an idea that one's success is everyone success.

But, I see this as a self devoted system where in everyone speeding up now to have that greater heights. Sometimes, it's frustrating. I mean do we really need to live like this? Can we just have a big group hug? I think that's the real world not this kind of system (LOL).

Off course, that's my ideal world but not the ideal world of everybody and it's the reality that's not easy to change but I strongly believe it is possible.

I bought a book entitled "Essentialism. The disciplined pursuit of less by Greg Mckeown". It's a great read and I am just started to read the first chapter and discover it a very powerful book. I intake every word of it and stoked to read all pages of it soon.

One of the things that covers this book is the power or ability to choose. We can decide on where we can spend our energy. In this case, choosing or evaluating the most things that we find value about is one of the great stuff that we can exercise on this particular time we are living, to be a more productive, genuine and purpose-driven individual you have to choose how to say no to something that you don't find interest.

"If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will."

It's true that we are living in a world that has so much destruction's and so much social pressure. Where in, we cant decide on what we really like to do. But, in general if we practice our thinking to decide what is the most valuable thing that we like to spent our full energy it's true that we can live a more better life. Stress, under utilized and non purposeful works can be a devastating things to live by.

"Spend zero percent of your time to the things that doesn't matter."

Have an awesome week!