Oct 22, 2017

Solutions Over Drama

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced my side hustle to the public. I’m talking about DesignplusHub. Yes! It’s not finished yet, still on finalization phase, just needed to tweak some very little details and rethink solutions for the problem I’m facing right now. What does “finished” even mean anymore anyway? — Got that cool line from Tobias. LOL

Over the last 2.5 months a lot of life stuffs happened to me, and still adjusting on some point but, still surviving. On and off I’m working on DesignplusHub branding and molding some stories and key values for our local creative community. Along with that, I’m also preparing a free course on creative confidence, not just for designers that I'm publishing mid-November. Stay tuned! It’s always great to give back and help everyone by providing value. Not to mention, it feels good and rewarding.

So, even if I love making and hustling to be better every day, at some point there’s drama that we can’t prevent. But, I’m trying to be solutions-focused and get over it, I feel that it’s the best way. If you are overwhelmed about the drama and negativity on your business, career or life it’s a must take away. Being solution-focused really a good deed to follow, not only as creative professional but, even as an individual.

Deal with it, Filipinos really has a very low emotional intelligence at any point whether on family-matters, life or career, which results to a short-term decision rather than long-term. Another thing that affect us the most is our surroundings. There are social pressures, relationship and the brightest technology that ever existed which is the Media. Filipinos blames others and make more drama rather than finding solutions, it’s tempting I admit that. Again, I may be wrong at some point but, this is an observation in general.

You might react in some way, if it’s comforts you or this topic makes you uncomfortable it means my platform is working. It’s a good thing. But, I’m not judging anyone about it. I’m here to help. Also, to remind you how awesome you are and how great you can be in any of your goals. If well-executed and you applied a lot of patience with effort it’ll very rewarding at the end. Like what Eldridge said “You’re either be part of the solution or be part of the problem.” Think about it!

Story time…

Me and my beautiful wife just married last Oct 11, Wednesday (this is the reason why I didn’t deliver a letter last Week. Surprise!). As you know if you even married at all. This might the biggest turn of your life. It’s very exhausting to plan and so confusing to organized things, every detail must not be overlooked. Along, with our stressful jobs and conflict schedules it was very tiring and dramas that will really get on your way. It’s tempting to blame someone if something happened and luckily, we survived that phase by staying real to each other. You can take that example or as a scenario to survive negative situations. In the end, we stay solutions-focused and now living together in our humble home. We, moved-in just last week at Dasmariñas, Cavite and it’s really way to go. Anyway, if you’re near just let me know and we can hang out or jog in the park on the weekend. *Me waving and smiling at you. 😊

“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,