June 26, 2017

Simple, making it complicated

I'm a little bit late on my Sunday evening habit and I'm not proud about it. Please give me an opportunity to apologized. I'm sorry and thank you for reading this!

This week is a little bit cluttered, I have so much work to do with so little time. Deadlines makes a crap out of me. But, I need to work hard even if challenges always come on my way. Well, we can't hardly stop that as long as we are alive. Perhaps, I can get over it.

This week makes me realized more about why we need motivations rather than inspirations. Motivation make us more productive while inspirations keep us alive. It's just that simple but we always making it complicated.

It's a question of why instead of how

Why we need to do all this stuff?

Why am I changing this banner?

Why we need to learn UX?

Why everything looks blurry?

Things always getting on our way no matter what, it's just that you need to find the reason and stop making simple a complicated one. Is just that simple. Right?

Hoping you to have an awesome week!