December 31, 2017

Revisiting a year of Focus and Creativity

When I looked back on the years that pass, I make sure that I revisit the moments when I did something to make it memorable. Not just for me, but for those who matters to me. Did I make at least a little difference for my family, did I make them proud of what I am today? Am I being selfless enough to give what I know to the creative community? Or did I do a good job for my clients? How can I have improved myself? For personal reasons, these are some of the things that always comes to my mind. But, this time we’ll be revisiting the year of focus and creativity. Let’s move forward.

Just like anyone else, 2017 for me is a kind of a roller coaster ride there’s a time of highs and lows but, at the same time it’s weird, surprising and rewarding. Been writing for two years now and I’m very grateful of what the outcome of it, I might say that it’s not easy but, I learned a lot throughout the process and still learning. Looking back, when the time that I announced to the public that I’ll be documenting my progress to improved myself in terms of writing which been also a big help on how I arrange my thoughts as a designer. The experience was priceless!

Presenting at Seize the future workshop — Jaychrist Teves, Designer, Creative, Mentor

Focus is the number one key value that I applied to do the things I’ve done, not to mention having a goal in mind is really worth it that’s my fuel to keep my ass working, sometimes it’s surprising but at the end it’s very rewarding. Another one is trough creativity. To juggle all the engagement, I had throughout the year like side hustle, design talks, family and personal stuff. I need to be resourceful as much as I can. For example, after my 9-5 job as an in-house designer I needed to build my design portfolio, tiredness doesn’t make me stop and even the weekend makes me do some write ups and fill it up with side hustles.

I had a tremendous growth, and I’m glad that I survived this year with focus and creativity. It’s really true that time is the best assets you’ll need to design your life the way you liked it. I’m the living proof that even the underdog can become a lion as long as you’re passionate on what you’re doing, creative on finding a way to execute your ideas and has a lot of patient throughout the process.

I also realized that I am the type of individual who loves creating content, I am mostly focus on the type of content that amplify “You can” rather than “How to”. Because, I believe that there’s enough resources that you check out anywhere if you like to learn some new skills. That will be my mantra for the next coming years but, don’t be disappointed I will try my best to share some straightforward or how to contents for you to follow on your next big thing. Let’s make more on this coming year.

What’s Next?

You might be wondering on what next with me for 2018? Well, there’s a lot of plans that I already said from may last write up. One of them is I’ll be going fulltime as a creative nomad starting January so better watch out as I have so much content ideas that I love to execute this coming year, the most important about my plan is to help someone and influence anybody who would like to focus on what they really love and what’s really matter to them. Also, there’s also a speaking engagement invitation I keep receiving from a college after my workshop last month, more collaborations and design inquiry that been popping on my inbox (This proves that I did a good job this year! 😉 ). I’d be focusing more also on my financial portfolio next year and trying to achieved my goal of 7 figures income for 2018. You can check my Facebook page to check out my speaking schedules and other posts, I’ll keep you updated on the other news that’s happening with me and probably more quotes to be shared next year. LOL

And that’s a wrap! Again, my deepest appreciation on supporting me throughout the year and hopefully will see new names below that excited to leave a feedback knowing that I help them and inspire them in my own little ways. Very grateful to end this year with a bang and looking forward for an awesome new year of 2018.

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”"

Have an awesome week everyone!

Much Love,

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