May 14, 2017

Practice, but don’t try to make it perfect

I believe, you already know the classic saying that “Practice makes perfect”. This wording is genius I will never denied that, as I’ve been living in this thought since before I went out writing or designing.

If you are following me quite some time, you know that I’ve been in the design industry for more than 6 years and this idea always strike my butt every time I try to make things for my portfolio or for my clients. But, I realized that I am being too paranoid for the past 6 years of my life trying to be perfect and smooth as possible.

And the reality, it’s not really existing. I always tend to make things perfect as possible like every detail must be neatly done. I am paranoid on how these details might affect the outcome of my works. Ends up tweaking it all over again or the worse is breaking all of it instead of fixing that small red dots. It’s very exhausting and takes 80% of my energy and focus.

The idea of this article is very simple, if you still the guy like me before, trying to land on the sweetest spot and hunting as many holes in your work or in your life in general at the first pitch, I’m going to tell you that it’s not worth it. Believe me, when I say instead of tweaking it all over and over again, just hit that publish button or send that fucking proposal to your client, you can always edit or tweak it in the long run, you always have rooms for improvement.

Stop hammering yourself to the things that you can’t control, and overcome the thinking of being perfect. Cause, perfectionism can kill your creativity and will definitely take your focus to the things that you need to do. Just, remember that you are awesome and no one will take that spot from you. In reality, the goal is not to be perfect. But, to be efficient and be valuable to any of your engagement.

"“Spend zero percent of your time to the things you can’t control.”"

Hoping you to have a wonderful week.