April 26, 2017

Personal Branding Matters

Practical advice for building your brand identity, whether you work for yourself or with a team.

First things first, you need to understand what is the difference between branding and identity. This two component plays a vital role on how clients will understand you as a potential partner.

What is Branding?

Branding is Simply putting your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. This strategy will give you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

What is Identity?

Identity is simply the assets of your brand, we can also call this Visual guideline. These guidelines ensure that your identity is consistent at all times allowing the brand to be easily recognizable by the market. Some example of this visual assets is Logo, Stationary, Marketing Collateral, Product Packaging and etc.

Now, after understanding this two component the Brand + Identity. We can now have a better grasp on how you can define and set the goal for your brand whether your working for yourself or with a team.

Building yourself is hard, and there is no easy way especially when you are in a organization which add more pressure also to mention the increasing competitive individual around the industry. You are basically in the middle of a dark room. But, this could be one of the million reason why you should to pursue building yourself. It's exciting, right?

If I just can end this sooner I'll probably just say that the greatest thing that I can advise to you on building a brand is by simply being a human but for technical nazi. I can drop few points of my actionable tips so don't worry. Another cool thing is it's FREE. Let's go!

A) It's a must to know your goal

Off course, you have to know this first before building your personal brand. Think more critical and throw yourself to a place where you always dreaming of.

B) Start right now and do not waste time

I may sound a dictator to you on this point, but there is no other way but to start it. Stop thinking ideas or stop asking suggestion to your colleagues. You may think so many ideas but that would be worthless if you intend to not execute it.

C) Do not fear failure so failure will fear you

Get up in the morning with positive thoughts and die with positive thoughts. Apply the classing principle of "Law of attraction" if you think you are broke or don't have enough talent that will you become. Be fearless, but fear yourself by not changing.

D) Use pieces of information in a good way

There a vast amount of information that you can gather in just a blink of an eye and that's how powerful is the internet but will not take the full effect unless you used it in a positive way.

E) Execute and explore your brand

Allowing yourself to explore more is allowing your brand to grow. Step by step by consistently putting your principle whether you work for yourself or you're in the company. This will work.

F) Contribute to the community

As what I'm saying supporting others can be the best reason for your success and this factor has been effective even for largest companies. If you are just starting, I recommend to check out your community, join them and support them in the best possible way.

G) Design your assets

Have a great logo, take advantage of the digital age, voicing out your brand on different channels like Facebook, youtube, and Instagram to name a few. This will help reach your potential clients and most importantly a good feel of self-achievement.

H) Be consistent by being not consistent

Okay, it's confusing, right? sometimes I like to puzzled not just spoon feeding. But, the only thing I want to say is simply consistent by challenging yourself day after day, innovate and have the eagerness to grow consistently.

There you go, I'm out of words at this moment will probably stop right now, I'll take note that we are in letter H. In the next article will cover the other letters so stay tuned. Hope you find this valuable and most importantly help to start your brand in practical ways.

PS - Do not quit your 9-5 job, build yourself one step at a time before doing that, I believe you'll know it when you're ready. This serves also a note for myself. Always remember that be practical.

Have an awesome week!