February 18, 2018

Little Step Creates Progress

Hey there, I’m back!

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote for my weekly letter, hope you missed me.

I took a very short break to focus on my client works but, this time as a fulltime freelancer and also to prepare for another adventure I’m taking for my design business and career. So, probably that’s some of the things I’ll be sharing with you for this week post and some of the process I go through for the past few weeks to conquer the odds (mostly personal stuff).

Before, we go ahead in this week topic just wanted to take your little time for my very kind-hearted Auntie who just passed away last Friday, your prayers and thoughts would be highly appreciated. This week would be probably one of my worst week but, I choose to write something up-beat because I know that she will be proud of me knowing that I’m still on bringing value for the community, She’s been part of my childhood, growing up I admire her thoughtfulness and kindness for her family despite of the bad environment she’s into. This letter is dedicated for her. Thank you!

Now, as we go through on this week topic, I would like to ask you a question what are you doing for your future? This seems like a very easy question but one of the hardest thing to answer and I would never deny that, as I’ve been there before. I don’t know what instore for me, and I have so much excuses before like I don’t know how to start, I don’t have money, I came from a poor family and my environment is very different. These are the few of many bullshits I have before and I assume that, these are very familiar to you. Am I right? If I got it right you must continue reading this post.

Coming from a poor family who strive to have something to eat on the table, living in a very small town called Silang, that’s one of the greatest aspiration I carried throughout my whole life, and glad to have a very diligent parents who supports us in the best way possible they can and now, I’m one of the fruits of their hard work. Why I share this things to you? Because, it’s one of my deepest why’s.

The reasons why I’m here on my positions right now, why I keep going despite of the challenges that I’m going through, why I share my values and stories to help other people. The reasons is my family. Now, you know my reasons? Please, let me know yours below. Love to hear it from you!

After, assessing your reasons for these little steps I’m telling you. It’s now time to bring some value, I’ll share how you can used this for your business, professional or even personal life. How can you do so many things, bigger than you can imagine from a step by step overview of my process.

1. Build a solid mindset

One of the things I learned from being a designer is you can’t create something if you don’t have a right mindset, you need to have a deep grasp of how your work will turns out. Having a solid mindset from start to finish will surely help you craft what you need.

2. Fuel the engine

What I mean about this is you have to invest something for yourself, to be on the level you wanted to be. If you are thinking that investing means you needed money, you are wrong! Invest time to learn, explore and validate any ideas you have but, don’t fall in-love with it soon, work on it and iterate as much as you can.

3. Find inspiration in almost everything

You hear me right, there are tons of things that you'll be inspired on your hustle like books, works of your friends and other things you can find outside the room. Observe your environment or your space and see how beautiful all the people around you. Appreciate life as much as you can.

4. Embrace creative confidence

Creativity comes with confidence, once you know how this will work for you and have a courage to conquer all the challenges that comes in your way, you’ll win every day. As I always said be practical and always take the calculated risks.

5. 1% progress everyday

Sounds easy? Not really, but if you can move forward at least 1 step at a time it will give you the sense of achievement every time you create a movement. Be committed about yourself growth, helping others and everything will fall into the right places.

With all of these steps, the whole point is being on the move every day. Create as much as you can and build something nice for the future not only for yourself but for all the people that supports you.

"Create more than you consume."

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Have an awesome week!

Much Love,

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