January 08, 2017

List down your goals then just do it

Now its the time of the year, to do the same old thing that people do, thinking something to list down as part of their new year resolutions.

The reality is, You're writing down the same old paragraph you've listed before. That's unacceptable! Really? It's like getting the trash you've thrown away all over again. It's the same old list of goals and you found out that you didn't do anything to reach that since last year.

You don't need to worry, you are not the only one who did that and we'll need to innovate the process so I end up writing this list. Take note, this might not work for you or you might have a more nice idea to make that happen, but I know this will help you and motivate you to make things a little more acceptable.

Today, I'll share my list to you and how this list help me a lot to keep my ass working.

1. Write down your plans in a piece of paper or at least be aware of the goals you want to achieve in the future. Keeping that in mind is a plus.

This is the first step you'll need to keep you going. For my opinion, if you are not aware about your plans, your goal will never be in the right track. Step one is the start to be able to have that precious victory.

2. Challenge yourself to achieve or at least develop something from it.

Since I was in college this is one of the things that I always do until now, This is not just to spice things up but also a way to keep me motivated. I always set challenges for self improvements in that way I'll benefit either my own skills or others. Actually, this is the start of what I said before 2016 ends together with my new branding, I set another challenge for myself to write things up for the whole year of 2017. keeping you inspired and motivated just right for your Monday hustles. I know this will benefit myself, In the progress I like to share it for you who is now reading this and hopefully helps your journey too. If you are staying since my last projects. Thank you, we're here to keep. This is for you for reaching this far. Cheers!

3. Do not start from scratch, do it like everyone else but add your unique values.

Think something that everyone knows how to do it and if you find your passion about that, get your ass working but do not forget to add your unique values. That's how you can be distinguish from the crowd. Its like offering same services with added features but off course, you can always present something new but think twice and prove it. We are all innovators. I believe in that.

4. Practice yourself to handle unexpected curves within the way.

Everything now is all clear, no blurred windows that blocking your way. You listed it for good. Started doing the right thing then suddenly, some bad things get in your way. What will you do?. That's how this fourth one will help you. Along the way, practice yourself by doing it with confidence. Know that life isn't fair, you need to be smart in any decisions and always focus on your goals. Never forget to focus on the good things rather than wasting your time on the unexpected bad things that will happen. It'll always about on how we react on any situations.

5. Everything that was listed in this write up will never be effective if you don't do a thing. Please just do it!

I know you heard the last part before but its always sound brand new every time I see or heard of it. I hope I am not the only one who think that. Just do it right, as long as you will never die or hurt someone do what you need to do for that goal. There will never be a perfect or standard protocol in every actions that we want to do its how you break the code to complete the puzzle. If you do it the right way and if you failed. Do it again, hell yah! Until you reached your goal. and they will be grateful to congratulate you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first write up for the first month of the year 2017. This is just a start of something awesome, more to come please stay tuned. Always remember that this list will never be accurate and none of the list in the world will ever be, it intends only to guide you.

To end this, I would love to hear your thoughts about this project by writing some review on my facebook page or by sending me an email at jaychrist.teves[at]gmail.com. Your feedback and support are very much welcome. Thank you.