April 12, 2016

Life with Writings

I am dreaming to have my own book. I’m a man of dreams and a man of works so I will start here. We all have a dream and I guess everyone also wanting to leave a foot mark in the sand. But what is your purpose of identification by taking this step?

I wondered before getting in this point of my life, I don’t remember exactly what I want to be and what should path I take that time. But I felt and feeling it until today that there’s only one reason why I survive. By knowing that the hardest path is the best way wherever it leads me.

This proves that I am happy right now even if my life is an empty jar filled of Up’s and Down. I’d never though that I’d be where I am today. I am so blessed that in my journey I was able to meet what I called my fate (her name is Suzanne), I’m very proud that my family stand still whatever the trials we’ve faced for the last five/six years and having a job for this point of time to support my brother in his school and even pay bills for us.

what I liked to state is that in the part of life happening I still want to grow and never stop to prove that what I want to do today can be an inspiration or makes a positive impression on everyone in this world.

-stay young and creative-