February 27, 2017

How to let people know and find value on your story?

Storytelling or reading story about life struggles and success are two of the things that I'd find very fascinating but definitely one of the hardest part to do so, especially to an individual who don't have that A+ English education and a person who is very private about their life just like me.

Yes, I am one of those people. I don't find myself talking or sharing to a person or group of people about my life, neither about what I like or what is my dislike. I just don't want offering my inner thoughts, But I am always care about what people can share to me, what I do the most is to listen, I believe listening is one of my best assets, I am a pro when it comes to that. Also, in asking questions. Not surprised, that sometimes people finds me as an introvert person. To be honest, it's way better.

Well, not accurately an introvert but I really love having my own space where I can have a peace of mind, where I can inhale more of myself and think more on how can I improve myself as a son, as a partner, as a man and as designer.

Not too long ago, I found the value of storytelling and finally accepted that it's exist in everyone of us after a long years of self internment. People likes to know or share story whether its negative or positive, scientifically speaking human has it's natural fascination about each other, it's obvious. It's one of the many reasons why marketers find value about story telling since then, its an opportunity to tell the value of a product, start up or even a big company. It's like the backstage preview of a great live opera.

Now, it's obvious that everyone can do storytelling. But, not everyone can transform shit into a gold. So, I made some guide that I usually followed, lived by, learned from some of my training, observed and continuously test it's result. Without further a due, Here it is.

1. Do not start when you're ready

I know, it's confusing to know if when is the right time. Just do it. Follow your heart and tell your struggles or small achievements from time to time, it's where you can grow by starting it now. It's also essential to know what mediums you need to used to reach your audience. Social media or other blogging platform can be the best tools for this to be considered. But, pen and paper is the best. Also, speaking to someone face to face is the nices thing if you have a chance. I love those tools before keyboard or smart phone was invented, I mean it's the best and still like to start using it whether crafting unique identity or listing my personal ideas.

2.Think Awesome

You are the best thing in the world that has been ever made. Know that you have a calling to do whether in sharing simple act of kindness or just to express your thoughts. Do not forget that you are awesome.

3. Know your story and build it positively

There is no other human in this planet that know your story, it's just you. Think it this way, people will never find value about you or about what you are selling if you don't honestly reveal the thing. It's your story not by anyone else.

4. Be kind

You are not kind enough if you don't see yourself sharing what you have learned from the past or what you can offer into the table for the future. It's the classic wisdom. Still, sharing means caring.

5. Be passionate and be ready to accept criticism

The keywords passion and criticism can be together. It's always about how very passionate you are about something, if you build your confidence positively by telling your story, criticism will be the smoothest humps that you will encounter.

6. Kill negativity and passed it on

Being optimist is a big challenge I know, in this chaotic road we are approaching-it's hard to beat the beast. But, it's your duty to share your part in this time of pessimism, one of those is this. Take the vibe up as much as you can. It'll be worth it.

7. Be vulnerable

You are not being true to yourself if you are not vulnerable. I believe being strong is by being vulnerable, telling your life strugles will build you enough to face difficulty. It's true that many of us even am I don't want to take down the term egoism. But it's where you can find your true self. A best story that not anyone can tell.

That is just a few of the things that I am able to write for this post and definitely has tons of it so I will cut it short, probably it will take so much time if I share more. Now, it's the time for my favorite part. Here's a quote I want to leave by.

"Stories do not tell. Storytellers do."

Have an awesome week!