March 11, 2018

Launched a podcast and reached 400 followers

Hey Everyone,

I finally launched my own podcast I called it The Design Life Show. If you haven’t check it yet, that’s a huge mistake. Go check all the episode here. One of the goals I have this year is to talk more with likeminded people and I believe that a podcast same like this is the most efficient way to do it. But, nevertheless it’s always been a huge part of me to contribute more values for the creative community and this project is one of those.

For the past three weeks, I already recorded four episodes and scheduled more interviews moving forward. It will be a weekly episode talking about Design, ux, life and business. I personally don’t like to encapsulate it within a specific niche so, I decided to just focus more on creating content this year. It’s basically about honesty towards works and life. It’s a very interesting way of sharing knowledge and at the same time an enjoyable thing to do knowing that I’ll be talking with other creatives. I guess you know me well, I don’t want to do something that I’m not passionate about. This is another one of my biggest experiment and hoping for the best, so keep your eyes peeled!

Another great thing that happened to me this past few weeks is reaching the 400 followers on Facebook and almost 100 subscribers on my podcast with less than one week. For me, that’s huge! It's humbling to know that there are people out there who are keen on supporting me and love to hear more about my life, my journey and my plans. The vibes were high. I still believe that the number is not important, value is still the number one factor for all the things that I’m doing. But, still I’m excited knowing those and I’m not going to complain.

Three years ago, I still remember that I said to myself that at least one person which I can help through this passion project is enough, it will make this journey worth it and I’m still holding on to that. After all this years, one thing that I learned is just make something that you will be proud of and something that will provide value for others. I still love that sentence and feels good to know the impact of it. That’s it for this week. Once again, thank you so much for supporting my creative journey. It means a lot to me that we’re now well over 100 readers. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in-store for us all! I’m really looking forward to sharing everything I’m learning with you this in the whole year.

"Do it with passion or not at all."

Have a great week everyone!

Much Love,

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