August 06, 2017

Introducing DesignPlusHub: A creative space + community in Cavite, PH

Hey Everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that we already bought the domain for our upcoming creative space here in Cavite. How cool is that? but, we all just started. We are now on the branding phase of our new full website and it’s harder than you think. For the meantime, you can join our journey by visiting coming soon page, just sign up and we can send you all the info you need.


I know you’re asking, why we named it DesignPlusHub? Why not FreelancersHub or PinoyHustlerHub it’s cooler? Right? Being a co-founder, I’m really stoke to share that just as much I’m excited to tell you the story behind it. But, I need to hold it for now, let me explain that on next week letter. So, hold on tight! If you believe and supporting our creative community here in Cavite, I’m happy to have you in our journey. Join in!

“Great companions always make for great journeys”

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,