December 03, 2017

Into the Future

What does Into the Future means? Well it would probably imply that the knowledge has will help you today and will continue helping you (into the future). Think of a line. It’s starts and continues and may eventually end. It also serves as a reassurance that those knowledge will last (From the internet).

In my professional and personal journeys this line has significantly tell its meaning. For the past 7+ years of doing design and being aware of my personal goals, I feel that I have so much more to offer. And the knowledge I have now are letting myself to be ready no matter what the future may bring. But, before being paranoid about it, always remember that be realistic and live by the moments. Cause like what my favorite design show (The Futur)said “The Future is Now” and don’t forget to step back one step while moving forward.

So, going back two weeks earlier. I like to share some of my learnings and journey as well as the open opportunities that I had, which will not be possible without the support of my wife, family and friends. I’m really grateful of what I achieved and shipped (this means product) for the last two weeks. These are the reasons why I skipped my two last weekly letter so, I hope you missed me. Without further a due here we go.

One: I did a workshop about UX/UI for 150+ aspiring designers and programmers last Nov 23, 2017 at Cavite State University

Upon returning to my alma matter one of the biggest University in our town, I was amazed how graduating students didn’t know much about User Experience. My mission is to drop all the knowledge I have for 7+ years of my design and brand experience and glad that the feedback is great afterwards, they learned something from me and I learned something from them. An exchange of knowledge and the chance to engage on some of the best students within the University is really a great experience. You can check my deck that I prepared on the said workshop below.

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn"

Two: I finally launched the DesignplusHub website and introduced the very first creative space sharing in the world (most probably)

As you already know, I was doing my side project slash business venture. It’s a creative space plus community that I like to build in our town. I learned a LOT throughout the process and this is one of the biggest launched I did for at least in my whole career as a designer and co-founder. It’s now up and running but, it's just the start. In between, I learned that I need to offer something new for the community not just another co-working space. So, after long hours of ideation and having the realization that my number one obsession is to help our creative community as it might as cheesy as it sounds. I do love helping other creative professionals whether on giving them an advice or sharing them my skills. But, how can I reach more people? My idea is, to create a platform that will be beneficial to them as well as for the community and that’s the start of share a space feature which is on private beta. So if you’re interested please do sign up or if you’re having a problem signing up just let me know.

"Ideas are cheap. Execution is the game."

Three: I launched my FREE 7days email lesson to boost your Creative Confidence

I really do know that this is one of the best way to give back and I’m glad that I finished it on time before my workshop so that I am able to launch it and get oral sign ups last week. It’s a course that aims to leverage your growth — recommended for aspiring, beginners and intermediate designers willing to take a lift to earn more, see greater value of their work while giving in return. Which contains a series of life and professional experiences molded into stories, lessons and key values from the last 7+ years of my design experience, to help anyone on crafting a successful design career. This course is not just for designers, everyone is welcome. You can also join!

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach."

Four: I learned the best way to predict the future is by making it

We all know that without hard-work there will be no fruits of labor. It’s the very basic principle of life or in anything you do. As I've always said it’s not going to be fucking easy but it’ll be worth it. Having a right mindset, knowing your deepest why and a very clear vision and goals are really the key. These aspects allows me to see a wider perspective as a creative professional. Also, as a human being.

"Of all pleasures the fruit of labor is the sweetest."


Even if changes is inevitable and our world is a big mess. We always have the chance to change for the better, to help anyone in need in the simplest way as possible and also the chance to be better every single day of our life. I know because I’ve been there and failed a lot yesterday but I'm tring to be awares as much as I can on what might the future brings me, as well as what should I do NOW to change the way it is.

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,

Featured photo from Unsplash by Nadine Shaabana

PS: You might notice that some of my article is broken when you view it on your mobile screen, I apologized about that as I have very limited time to update the front end. I might hire a mobile designer for it. But for now, please be patient. If you have any feedback please do let me know below. Big thanks! 😊

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