August 4, 2016

I guess I'm 25 Now

I always thought that Age is just a number, but then I realized that it’s also a reflection of oneself. I knew when I was a kid that I can be whatever I can be, I can be a one man band, I can be a professional skater, I can be a song writer or maybe I can be an Author of a great book.

It’s always on my mind, I know really! maybe it’s absent most of the times but it’s always in here somewhere in my head.

Getting in this age certainly is not that easy, turns out the opposite of my fantasy when I was a kid. Yeah really! I guess my beard will tell ya’ll. Haha.

The real world is tough, there is so much burden and a tons of things to compromise, eventually it will come at your way, it can change you perhaps but you have to set your mind to change for the better. I guess world fails to change me at all maybe somewhat but, in 25 years of my existence It feels like I am still a kid who is trap in a body of an adult.

I always has this principle to grow up but never grow old, sometimes I stand still but most of the time I stumble. I maybe a slow bunny but I stop, look and appreciate life. Seeing more of the good things more than the bad things. Is it nice? I don’t really know, maybe it is.

I guess accepting my weakness is a big part to obtain my strength, that is one of the good lessons I’ve learned over the years. I maybe more emotional and sentimental at this point of time but I guess I just need to embrace it and look forward for more years of my life and work hard for a better version of myself.