September 17, 2017

I find the same thing with writing and designing

Okay, what exactly I’m talking about with this title? Wait. But first, let me say some introduction. I really love to make it more straightforward but, It will lose the value if I don’t explain a little bit more further about it on this post.

Why do you think designing exist?
Why do you think writing exist?

No, designing does not exist just to be rejected. LOL First, we need to explain the why’s of designing. I think everyone knows why designs play a significant role on our everyday lives. You can see it everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Design is a visual tool to express or communicate what you got or what you’re thinking in an organized manner. It’s either in a form of posters, logos, UI’s and many more. There’s so much to list that will take a whole day to end this. It’s basically a practice of multi-disciplines and an endless possibility in my own opinion.

Now what about writing? It’s basically the same way like designing. All right, now you know. It’s how we communicate in form of text and types just like designing. You got it! But, it’s not the only thing that I find similar on designing and writing. Do you want to know it?

Off course, you do. The thing I find the same thing with writing and designing is how they solve problems. Yes, it’s the same tool but there’s a thin-line between that differs how this practice works on problem solving. You can demonstrate your solution in design even if you can’t write. You can demonstrate your solution even if you can’t design. It’s a very useful skill just to have one of them.

Now what if you can have the two skills? You’re now a Unicorn. It’s like having the ability to code the front-end and back-end of a software. When you do both you can express it visually and solve it deeply while documenting it or telling the stories. It’s a practice since then. When UI/UX has never been existed. It’s a manual and a never-ending possibility of practice.

"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize." - Thich Nhat Hanh

I hope I feed you some brainfood for this week letter. If you have a feedback or an addition to this post. I’ll love to read it below. Just drop it, I promised to be responsive as much as possible. We can talk about this all day!

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,