November 05, 2017

I’ll be starting a podcast for our local creatives

If you’re reading my writings for a while, you might know that I started a side hustle for our local creative community I named It DesignplusHub, and for 3+ months of taking action and building it I’m proud to say that we’re almost there. Yeah almost! But not yet done, along the way I’ve work with such amazing human beings and the experience was priceless.

But, as I’ve said it’s not done yet and I’m really excited to launch it soon. If you visit the site it will greet you with coming soon taglines, cold as ice. Right? To be honest, it wasn’t really a choice when I started this side hustle I had so much things to do, but what I learnt actually surprised me. On the process of building it I realized I need to launch it this November and start the campaign for six months till May of 2018. This will give us time preparing the physical space in between while campaigning until the target date.

So, in line with that plan I also learnt to actually help our creative community through podcast, videos and blogs under the company before the grand launch. I feel that this will be a win-win situation for the startup and for the community. Please take note, helping by all means is about genuine help, I know nowadays it was used as a business language where you can’t even know what’s really true when they offering a help. It’s really tempting to fall on that trap I know, but I belive that I need to trust the process and it’s also one of the ways to build a strong foundation for business. Like what they say; good relationship means good business.

The real thing is, I just need to be honest 101%. Is it that simple? This is not to brag but I don’t like seeing myself full of shitload in the future, If you know what I mean? Keep it real. So, making it short this is some of a few updates for all of those who support me along the way and who keep reading my weekly letter telling story about being a designer but, mostly a side hustler and a dreamer. So, that’s it for now. I know it was short but I need to work my ass of for now and get back to what I’m doing. So hold on, sit back and relax we’re launching soon.

"We only have what we give"

Help me to do some cool new stuff and reach more people

As what I said before, I do believe that products must be meaningful, honest and valuable. Most importantly is that they can help people in anyway. In line with my values and belief I still want my content ad-free for my readers but, it also means I need your help and support so I can do some cool new stuff and reach more people, I'll recommend your product for a price of a cup of coffee or you can support me through donation, It'll mean a world to me. Take note: if you want me to recommend your product or event on one of my post I’ll definitely accept that as long as it can help people or make an impact to our society. But, instead of the usual sponsored section I will add a “recommended section” below of any sponsored post linking back to your site [see example recommended product here] make sure to scroll down. Interested in sponsoring my Weekly letter? Just let me know.

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,