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Looking for a long-term commitment, a very positive individual who’s willing to do the work to earn more without outwitting someone. If you’re true to yourself, no matter if you’re just starting out, moving into this field or just wanting to gain more confidence as a creative professional, this is for you!

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If you’re looking ahead of what might the future brings to you, this will guide you to be a design leader and show how you can design your life as a creative individual. It'll give you the blueprint to find the career you’ll love while earning more and most importantly while giving value to others. And, unlock your creative heart.

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A series of life and professional experiences molded into stories, lessons and key values from the last 7+ years, to help you craft a successful design career. I’ll share my best write-up on life, design, tools and creativity and share you some of my process with resources that can help you improve and stay ahead in this disruptive era.

Hey There!

Glad you’re here. It’s me Jaychrist

I’m a Designer based in Manila, PH with almost 8 years of design and brand experience. My works has been featured on some of the most recognized communities both local and offshore. I’ve worked with clients around the world and has tremendous passion in crafting functional and purposeful experiences from print to digital products.

Humbled to collaborate with amazing clients such as Envato, Brainhub, 227 World with RVPRCO, Priority Consultant, Happy Orange Project, Ampers Creative Designs, WalkThrough,, and many more.

Been featured online such as Fomolist, Logodaily, Blog Inspiration, The Best Dribbble Inspiration, Portfolio Ideas and Creative Manila: Portfolio of the Week.

Aside from design I’m also the Community Manager and Founder of @DribbblePHCavite the very first Design Community in Cavite, PH. Also, I’m the technical co-founder of, the one and only Creative Space + Community from the Southern Shores of Manila Bay.

I’m also writing about ux, design, life & personal progress dip with faith and positive outlook every Sunday night of the week —

You can also check my work in progress on Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have any questions, just let me know. Very grateful to meet you!

Selected Works

More On Dribbble

Here's what others think about me..

Ryan Helms

CEO @Grit & Hustle Co.

Finding someone with talent that is also genuinely a good person is like finding a unicorn. Jaychrist is most definitely one of those rare people that you can depend on for quality work, honest feedback, and top notch business & personal ethics. So glad I was able to connect with him.

George Solomonides

Co-Founder @SolKo Ltd.

I have collaborated with Jaychrist on one new project and he has been a gentleman throughout the process. He is talented hard working individual and has lots of patience, which is a crucial factor in web startups and with having to deal with customizations. I recommend him to anyone who wants to get the job done in style. I will be working with him on more projects in the future.

Audrey Graziano

Co-Founder @Happy Orange Project

Jaychrist is a very giving individual who was able to receive feedback and create the design that we were looking for. He is always positive and upbeat and a delight to work with.

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I’ll notify you once its ready, will get your feedback about the pricing and follow up if you still interested — No strings attached and I will never spam you, I hate it as much as you do. For the meantine, you can check some of the products I offer below. Again, thank you so much for your support. All the best! 😊

Mantras that keeps me going…

"Make Each Day Your Masterpiece."
"Fears and Faith Can't Be Together."
"Grow Up but Never Grow Old."

Creative Consulting

PHP6,010.83 ($115.99)

Brand Development

Starts at PHP20,676.98 ($399)

UI/UX Design & Development

Starts at 31,041.38 ($599)

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