July 20, 2016

Dribbble: Winning while losing!

It’s a great day! I feel wiser today so kind of like to blog some of my humbling experiences. Not too long ago, I was a designer looking, and waiting to be drafted on Dribbble, where Designers shows and tell their works from all over the world and it was really an awesome source of inspiration for me when one of my colleagues introduced it to me.

It was great seeing UI/UX, Prints, Branding and Logo Designs where I found it very interesting for whom is continuously learning in this kind of field or industry. I might say that was a point where my speechless heart starts to yawn again. So I start by learning the platform and reading about it. Here, I suggest to start reading About Dribbble, then browse some topic in Dribbble Help Center in case you just received an invite and haven’t read thePlayers handbook please read it is very essential.

So let’s go back to my journey, I started working in a corporate world just last year after I graduated College where I been a freelancer and very fortunate to have side by side projects like Print Designs, Web Development and Some sort of Art Directing since 2011, I did that while studying to get a Degree in Computer Science so after that last June I decided to go in a corporate world where I land a job as a Web Designer in a thriving corner of a City at Muntinlupa, Alabang PH.

I just turned one-year-old in my corporate work last first of June 2016 and to be honest I am not really satisfied with my works within the year because I end up creating Designs under specific standards given that I have my whole freedom when I was in freelancing, but do not take me wrong cause I love my job specially my co-worker which I also called friends in this industry where I find myself laughing with their crazy jokes and bold ideas. What I did was…

Instead of complaining and lose myself steam I decided to strive more where I found myself winning in any situation even if I am losing. I’m just saying that even none of my many pitch was not appreciated or ending up in a trash in my personal life even in my job I just smile and did what’s best that I could give and accepts defeat and learn from it, that is for the win for myself.

Dribble Invite Came In…

I was very excited and grateful after receiving an invite thru my email and you don’t have any idea how happy am I and really really excited like a kid. Finally, someone appreciates my work I Win Double! I was drafted a month ago by Digamber Singh a UI/UX designer & front end developer from Delhi, India. I personally love my progress within that time period and really enjoying sharing my side by side projects and read feedbacks about my shots, hoping to post more but many of my works has NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement so I am really trying to post frequently and explore more new techniques to accommodate incoming new projects and even in the future.


Life is really not just winning it is all about the journey that leads you there.