January 07, 2018

Identifying the difference between front end and back end development

These two terminologies that you might stumble upon are front end and back end. Even if there are tons of information about this topic that has been available on the internet, the answers aren’t perfectly clear. In today’s connected world, these terms are commonly used on web industry or information technology (IT) related subjects. If you’re a beginner you might find this confusing or might have been frustrated on different explanation about it. So, on this week topic we’ll try to identify the difference between front end and back end development in layman’s term. I will tell or give guidelines about it as simple as I can to save you time for your research work.

Front-End Development

The front-end is also referred to as the client-side and is sometimes considered web design is one of the important part of a product development, this is involving the design itself or everything that the users or human can see. For example, when you open a website the first thing you will interact with is the three basic parts of a website which includes the header section, body section and the footer section. These three-basic parts are the main structure of a website/product you find online. As it might easy as it sounds, to make the product usable for the clients, the front-end developer must have a keen eye for designs to follow, not only that but, also needs some programming’s skills. The commonly used on the industry is HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There are tons of online resources, tools and tutorials that you can find to know more about front-end development, but to make it simple and short these are the basics, so you will be able to know what are the tools, or who Is involved in the implementation of a product. The job front-end developer is kind of broad but, the basic principle about this job is converting the static design or most commonly known as a mock-up not an actual product but you get the point. Most common designing tools for digital products right now are Photoshop, Adobe XD and Sketch. After completing this phase it’s now the time front-end converts it into an actual and usable design, these job title involvements are some of the example on product implementations and development. Again, all of these are simple explanation about front-end and it may change overtime like for example a “Javascript Developer” are also considered front-end developers

Back-End Development

The back-end or the server-side, is basically how the product works, this phase usually involves functionalities that enhance or leverage the user experience. The most common job title used for back-end are called programmers or back-end developer. Their job mostly focusses on functionalities which includes databases, servers and securities they also know how to used some scripting language like I mentioned above (HTML and CSS) but, definitely not their focus of interest. Most of the time back-end developers also called Web Developer which expecting on being well versed and con work such as programming language like PHP. They manage, debug codes most specifically connected to a server, browsers or database.


Hope you find this interesting and valuable enough to know more about the differences between the front-end and back-end development. It might be a confusing topic but worth the time to know and have a grasp on the different terms used by this industry. Remember, the fron-end is the development of usable design like what we see on the browser and the back-end is more related on functionalities and securities. So, the next time you find these terms don’t be scared or confused, make sure to let them know what you just learned today.

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