October 01, 2017

Creativity Under Pressure

One of the things, that I really love to write is about creativity. And I’m looking forward to write more about this topic, especially about creative confidence. But, what is creativity under pressure? What I mean about that, and why is this relevant?

Today, creative professional is very in-demand, we can never deny that. With the advancement of today’s technology. It’s not very surprising. We’re also encountering new job positions that requires excessive work and creativity.

With that note, high demand means more opportunity and more competitors. That is one of the challenges that we’re facing right now as a creative professional. Not to mention, is the amount of pressure we shoulder in every project we take part.

Let’s be honest, even if we love our work so much and how much this work rewards us in the end. There is always a timeline, we produce the best of the best for our clients whether it’s digital or on print. Of course, few reason is to have high paying jobs and most importantly is to be great in this field.

But, why creative pressure is significant on the kind of work we have? Why is it helpful for creatives? It’s very simple, timeline give us a sense of commitment. Imagine if there’s no one hammering you in the back of your neck? Do you feel it’s important? Maybe not. It’s the reason why our shits get done and it’s very effective in our creative life.


It’s not always about how cool is this job, how excitement it gives us or feeling of sense of achievement, on every job well done. We need money to pay bills, it’s given that pressure is always there. But, the differ value is how we help someone on doing what we love. I think everyone will agree with me. We’re finding our place and that number one spot that we deserved.

"Pressure creates diamonds. Fire refines gold."

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,