April 30, 2017

From being a Factory Worker to a Full Bloom Designer

Having a title of a designer's role sounds fancy right? it looks cool. This is how people see this profession. People found it awesome on how they make money from innovating product and crafting pretty things whether in digital format or on print.

There are so many great designers out there who really take the design to the next level, if you search for it, you will see tons of great pixel perfect designs through the internet. Glad that they do it. It's an inspiration to keep my ass working.

In addition, having a knowledge of using Photoshop and Illustrator is a must but not as essential anymore if you haven't realized the importance of interpersonal skills and most importantly your unique story

So today, I'd like to tell a story on how I end up having a job as a designer from a regular wage earner. With a hope, to inspire whoever read this. Whether you are a professional or just started the journey.

It's not easy as searching the keywords on how to be a Designer on google or how to fake yourself to be one. Imagine that you haven't discovered yet the power of the internet and the worst thing is you do not have the tools or resources such as the basic things like internet, laptop or a computer. That was me before. Is it still cool? Maybe not.

Growing up in a province where eventually turned into an urban area, where your father can't even buy you a nice clothing, knowing that he was just an occasional laborer. Also, having a mother that always making credit just to make sure we have food on our table. It's sucks! Really sucks. But, I'm glad and thankful that they did not let us sleep without food in our stomach. And proud that I grow up with so much value to instill and love to share it to everyone.

Because of that situation, my understanding about life grew at an early stage and taking responsibility for my family is the top priority. And it's a big part of how I see things differently on this generation. A generation of RANTS.

Moving on. I am lucky that my parents had a willingness to sent me in high school. But, all I like to do is to make sure to not fail the subjects, just a typical student, a hard working one. I don't strive to get high grades instead I strive to finish my school as soon as possible. Why? cause I need money cause I need to work.

I graduated without an honor. but with a mindset of being persistent while I take my step to a more tough and challenging world. The real world.

Indeed it helps me to find a work. Since my hometown has many factory job opportunities. I started it as my stepping stone. It's not easy, it's really hard. My salary is even at bellow minimum. I remember that it's was just 319 pesos a day before with 8hours of work, shifting schedule of day and night.

As I work in the factory, I thought this can help my family but not really. I need to pay our bills and other things that need to buy for our home or for myself. And most important is I do not find myself growing as a person. I am doing the same thing day after day and wait for the payroll. This when I realized that I need to do something different.

So I decided to not renew my contract as a factory worker then, but to work again as a stockman or stock clerk in a leading toy store it's name is Toy Kingdom located at Dasma, Cavite. I don't work there without a purpose. I work there and accept the job to gain experience as well to raise money or save and send myself to college.

With the goal in mind, I value my work like any other until the day that I have sufficient fund to send myself to college with the support of my family and friends along side. Even though I gained supports, I also gained self-doubt and hear unsolicited opinions from others that I can't do it along the way. That doesn't stop me, but help me gaining my confidence to do it and give my best shot.

And then, I finished my contract with the said company and acquired needed money to enroll myself in college. After spending almost 2 years to be a contractual employee, the journey was so fulfilling, a small achievement I hold in my arms was a 3,000 pesos money that I believe will start more bigger opportunities.

Fast forward, I gained a degree in Computer Science last 2015 while being a freelance programmer, who works at night just to find a solutions and present the software to a perspective client. It was a trial and error process but, I gained a lot of technical experience because of that, by being a research assistant of the university research department along side and with most of the bigger opportunity that time when I had a client from Australia who likes my first design then offer me more job which helps me a lot in terms on supporting my study. Off course, with the undying support also from my family and friends. That was the most best experienced of my life at that moment.

Later on, because I had the opportunity to work on a creative team in Australia and builded my little portfolio, that was also the time where Design jobs slow down so I needed to find a stable income by applying as in-house designer in a small agency with 500-1000 employees. Along side, personal projects and professional inquiries who helps my family and buy basic necesities and the best thing is I'm growing everyday.

At this moment, this makes me cry while writing this, it reminds me on how I become a creative professional from ground zero. A perfect example of an underdog. This is the best stuff that I'll always carry since then and an inspiration to keep hustling. I know I will grow more as I build myself up focusing on my bigger goals. If you are with me or someone who also has this courage. Let's Cheers to that!

To end this story I will leave you a qoute from one of the writer I admire his name is Jon Westenberg.

"Life is about getting up when you fall down. "

Have an awesome week!