July 30, 2017

Building a Co Working Space here in Cavite

Who am I to do this? Do I have the guts and enough resources to do this? Why am I doing this? Why I need to put an effort in building this kind of space for creative community here in Cavite? Is there anyone who will be interested? What if they don’t like the idea? Drop the mic.

These questions floating around every single day and It exhaust me thinking it. I’ve reached some potentials investors and partners that is really interested and excited on this venture. But, it’s takes a lot of effort doing it. Right? I know you do know it. It’s not easy.

I’ve been searching for help online and offline cause I can’t do it all alone, cause it’s a community why doing it alone? I have to set myself half of the work on this venture and half of me to sustain myself and family. It’s really hard I’ll never denied that. But, I know and believe that It’s going to be worth it.

If you’re not familiar with Co working space you can read the blog of Allex Hillman it’s really helpful. Also, if you’re interested to join the very first upcoming creative space + community here in Cavite please don’t hesitate to reach me. We can talk upfront and I really need everyone’s help. That’s it for now! I will promise to update y’all for this exciting venture as much as I can do.

“Ideas are shit. Execution is the game.”

PS: you can reach me through facebook or we can sit and have a coffee, I am more than willing to talk this venture to you upfront and the story and reason why I’m putting this space for creative professional here in Cavite.

Hoping you to have an awesome week!

Much Love,