January 15, 2017

Artist Manifesto

I am starting to realize that there is a big amount of possibilities when we share experiences and learning upfront. To be honest, this finding your niche thing just to come up with a great product is a big messy plan of ideas.

The process doesn't need to be so technically driven or can describe by sitting or working in your own space. Somehow, artist perspective has a way to define it. Maybe I am not that really good in selling my human skills, but definitely not a type of being who just stay on the norms. I make sure that I get up in the morning sip a cup of coffee with big courage and a lot of enthusiasm to learn and test my limits.

Placing these things in mind can be a good factor for me to get up there and do my works with love. In this space, no one can criticize me by being good or bad. It's not supposed to be that way, neither cause perfection doesn't exist.

"Art is something that we can't learn easily. It is something we can grow with, feel, touch and ponder."