April 1, 2018

7 efficient ways to teach everything you know

If you’re like anyone who has any knowledge, passion or expertise on a specific field whether about design, marketing, coaching or in almost anything. Chances are you like to share that in the whole wide world, you’re eager to provide some personal value and touch everyone’s life. It’s something that’s not really common right now and we need more of that kind individual who’s really passionate on teaching.

As the founder of Poddle Design, I’m challenging myself more on teaching and share more value on the best way possible I can, not only for my team but in general. It might be through personal talk, writing, sharing micro-content or through podcasting. In reality people tend to do nothing about finding ways on teaching. Some people say it’s hard, they can’t do it or they don’t know how to start which is a pretty bad mistake. You never know what opportunities you could be missing out on because of your many excuses which is not really essential for your business or career. Here are some quick efficient ways to start your teaching capabilities.

1. Upfront Conversation

You don’t really need to have a license to be a good teacher or pass an exam to teach someone. A very intimate conversation on a certain topic is the best way to teach something that you find valuable not only for you but, for everyone who might be interested on it. Talking to a small group in a simple setting and natural way is not that really hard. First of all, it’s not too intimidating compared to a thousand-people watching you while talking or teaching on a certain topic. Just be natural, response, connect and listen to your audience.

2. Create a Personal Website

Now, this is really kind of common nowadays. Just create a simple website or hire someone to create it for you so you can have a landing page for your write up is very essentials. If you’re a creative professional, chances are you like to share your experiences about your works through writing. It’s very similar on writing a personal journal but, the difference is you’re sharing it publicly. Don’t be scared on sharing ideas publicly sometimes sharing, can inspire or motivate people or the best part is change people’s life. Being part of their how they change is the main goal.

3. Use a Youtube channel

Ooops! if you’re kind of afraid on camera it’s not really a big deal, there are tons of ways to teach on this platform. Maybe you can just record your presentation while recording your voice over it. Just be creative about presenting your materials and you’d be fine about it. You probably know that thousands of professionals used this to share their passion about specific niche. There’s tons of topics on this platform that you would find so much value and learn new skills almost every day. So, with that being said Youtube is been a big part of any kinds of students.

4. Take advantage on Facebook

Creating your personal page on this platform is super easy and it’s something that everyone should be taking advantage of. This medium can do almost everything, you can write just on your feed so everyone can learn from it, you can do a video live and interact on-air on any kind of audience. You can also create a group that would be beneficial to those who want to learn on a certain topic. This medium is very powerful and give you a lot of room to be creative whether on sharing or teaching your passion in particular.

5. Launch a Podcast

At first, it’s kind of like too pricey on launching a podcast which is really true. Most of the gears that you need on this kind of medium has a price tags. But, if you’re just starting everyone can do it by just using your smartphone together with your headphones that has a mic is a nice start. Just record your voice and found a reliable hosting for your audio then you’re good to go. Yes, this is the cheapest way to share or teach your passion to anyone and it’s something that really everyone can do it. But, I would definitely say that it’s not easy at first but it’s super doable. I believe that in anything you do, just put hard work and it’s possible.

6. Use LinkedIn

I personally don’t used this platform often but, I see a lot of passionate individuals who are using this platform by means of teaching. They share ideas and teach something that they’re good at. This platform goes a lot of changes overtime and these changes add more purpose for the platform it’s not just an ordinary job platform anymore but, also a medium that everyone can share something for their network. They also have groups that you will find valuable in almost anything. What I like the most about this is you can almost do anything just like any social media but, in a more professional way.

7. Create some on Pinterest

I know, you’re maybe curious about this platform. How the hell can you teach something on this platform? This platform is kind of underrated nowadays but, I believe that this is still super useful on teaching about something. The best way to do it is by creating or sharing infographs. Doing this can actually add a lot of value on your audience or students, the best part is it can be more attracting, because you’re presenting a very large of information curated in one image which can save a lot of time and reduce learning curve for your students.


Whether you’re just starting or finding more ways to throw value and teach everyone, these tips will help you to do that. There’s always a new way to teach your passion just be creative and get things done. Enough of those excuses!

"Teacher? I prefer the term Educational Rockstar."

Have a great week everyone!

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