June 11, 2017

4 skills you should have in order to win

It was a great week and I’m grateful for another week that approaching. I received a numerous feedback last week on some of my writings. It’s great knowing how I help them reach their Creative Confidence in my own and very little ways. Another reason to keep my ass working and just keep going.

So, if you are following my newsletter quite sometimes I’ve been sharing tips In almost everything. I love writing about design, user experience and anything in between. I'm also fascinated puzzling out the pieces in this so-called life.

Today, would love to share it with you the 4 skills that you should have in order to win. I learned this based on my observation and by attending leadership seminars. But, will sharing it for free. That’s right for FREE so let’s begin.

1. Intellectual Skills (High IQ)

Everyone knows the value of educations and knowledge. But, intelligence is not only how you solve a problem with your Mathematical Skills to be honest it’s way beyond, And connected to others skills that I will list down on this write up. Intellectual skills at its simplest form is how you solve a problem and how you came up a conclucion in that particular problem.

2. Social Skills (High SQ)

It’s one of the best assets that marketers do. They used this as their way to promote their product. It’s a must have skills if you like to win in any of your engagements. You can't only apply this in product design but also in general life.

3. Emotional Skills (High EQ)

This skill is one of the hardest thing to practice, because we all know that every human has low emotional state. But, this is very essential for us to be successful. Learn to discipline yourself. Control your mood and emotion in any situation. Remember, that being proactive is best rather than being reactive.

4. Adversity Skills (High AQ)

Having an Adversity Skill or Adversity Quotient is very essential. Especially where changes is inevitable like in tech industry. How you adapt in your environment plays a vital role on being a successful person. Attitude towards circumtances requires high AQ.

Thare you go, Hope you find value on this simple list. Not just in business but also in your life. How you deal with changes is the most powerful assets that you can have in this continues changing economy.

"Habit is a result of discipline having a routine.”"

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.