December 10, 2017

3 best sites that can elevate your skills as a Designer

If I’ve learned one thing after working as a designer for almost 8 years, it’s the fact that the internet is awesome. There’s tons of information that you can loot using this tool, but at the same time it’s weird and always surprising. As a creative professional internet is a must have. It’s very useful and it has endless possibilities that fascinates me even more. After all, it’s the learning we have that shapes us as an individual; how we think and interact with everybody.

So, this week I’ll share the 3 websites that I know will help you to elevate your skills in terms of designs and probably will help you to be a design leader. I hope you will find it fascinating and useful as much as I do. And, please do not forget to share it too.

The Library

By reading this and by implementing it on actual work you can build a strong design practice with their collection of definitive books. You can dive in for deep knowledge or take a peek for a moment’s insight. Explore how the best companies approach product design, design thinking, design leadership, and more. They have podcast too that you can listen to and workshops if you have budget. But, I definitely recommend this very useful site and I personally learned a lot just by reading it and exploring the best practices in today’s best top design leaders.

The Futur: Revolutionizing Business Education for Creative Professional

Originally born as The Skool with co-founder Jose Caballer, The Futur is a content and education platform that leverages video and distance based learning models, and connects a global community of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs hosted by Chris Do with the team. You should definitely check their content because they will teach you how to own your title as a designer and the business of design. They have Youtube channel too.

Invisionapp Blog: Thoughts on users, experience, and design

You probably know Invisionapp, it’s an online collaboration tools for designer, it’s one of the best. Also, their knowledge resources from the community is amazing, I personally love it and highly recommended to learn more about user experience design.


Having a mindset to learn non-stop is one of the best skills you would like to have, think about it and know that in this fast-changing world. It can help you to explore more, it can help you to be better, even can help you to do more and most importantly can ignite you to help someone or to change the World.

"Never stop learning."

Have an awesome week everyone!

Much Love,

Header photo from Unsplash by Evan Kirby

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