My Biggest Mistake as a Creative Professional

For the past 8 years of my professional career, I met a lot of people who is smarter than me, people who is more talented than me. But, for some reasons they are stuck in the job that they hate or the worse is just stop and do nothing on pursuing their passion. It’s inevitable, unless you’re really committed on yourself to fall in love for the things that you’re really love to do. I mean you need to work for it. Right?

7 efficient ways to teach everything you know

Whether you’re just starting or finding more ways to throw value and teach everyone, these tips will help you to do that. There’s always a new way to teach your passion just be creative and get things done. Enough of those excuses!

Launched a podcast and reached 400 followers

One of the goals I have this year is to talk more with likeminded people and I believe that a podcast same like this is the most efficient way to do it.But, nevertheless it’s always been a huge part of me to contribute more values for the creative community and this project is one of those...

Little Step Creates Progress

I took a very short break to focus on my client works but, this time as a fulltime freelancer and also to prepare for another adventure I’m taking for my design business and career. So, probably that’s some of the things I’ll be sharing with you for this week post and some of the process I go through for the past few weeks to conquer the odds (mostly personal stuff)...

Identifying the difference between front end and back end development

These two terminologies that you might stumble upon are front end and back end. Even if there are tons of information about this topic that has been available on the internet, the answers aren’t perfectly clear...

Revisiting a year of Focus and Creativity

Just like anyone else, 2017 for me is a kind of a roller coaster ride there’s a time of highs and lows but, at the same time it’s weird, surprising and rewarding...

3 best sites that can elevate your skills as a Designer

If I’ve learned one thing after working as a designer for almost 8 years, it’s the fact that the internet is awesome. There’s tons of information that you can loot using this tool, but at the same time it’s weird and always surprising...

Into the Future

What does Into the Future means? Well it would probably imply that the knowledge has will help you today and will continue helping you (into the future). Think of a line. It’s starts and continues and may eventually end. It also serves as a reassurance that those knowledge will last...

Why side hustle allow me to grow as designpreneur?

Side hustle is clearly helpful for growth as a designer, entrepreneur or as a normal individual. Since, it's one of the term used for the past few weeks and there's a lot of things that can be talk about on this topic, I'd like to share some of those here in this week letter...

I’ll be starting a podcast for our local creatives

If you’re reading my writings for a while, you might know that I started a side hustle for our local creative community I named It DesignplusHub, and for 3+ months of taking action and building it I’m proud to say that we’re almost there. Yeah almost! But not yet done, along the way I’ve work with such amazing human beings and the experience was priceless...

Why you should NOT quit your job on starting a business?

Quitting your shitty day-job nowadays is like a blockbuster hits, most marketers even guru’s giving their opinions on why you should quit your 9-5 job to start a business. Well, it’s very promising knowing that you’ll become your own boss, you’ll have more time not only for yourself but also for your family and ideally make more impact on your community.But, is it really necessary to quit your 9-5 job?...

Unlocking your Creative Heart

Now that you’re reading this another issue of my content series — I’m very excited and grateful of the fact that all of you have been with me throughout the years, and are STILL with me into welcoming another chapter of my life, business and personal progress with open arms. What else can I say? Thank you!...

Solutions Over Drama

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced my side hustle to the public. I’m talking about DesignplusHub. Yes! It’s not finished yet, still on finalization phase, just needed to tweak some very little details and rethink solutions for the problem I’m facing right now. What does “finished” even mean anymore anyway?...

Unmuting your Passion and Creativity

Have you ever wondered, why every successful creative professional has always something to offer? Why it looks like that they have so much stuff that hiding on their sleeves? Why every day is like an over flowing bucket of their creative juices and greatness?...

Creativity Under Pressure

One of the things, that I really love to write is about creativity. And I’m looking forward to write more about this topic, especially about creative confidence. But, what is creativity under pressure? What I mean about that, and why is this relevant?...

Unsolicited advice: Don’t buy the X

I was surprised with the latest announcement from the world’s leading phone maker in the market. It’s so cool, you will surely turn your head and will never looked back. Every feature was truly amazing. And you will never deny that, this is something that worth paying for and having it is likely needed...

I find the same thing with writing and designing

Okay, what exactly I’m talking about with this title? Wait. But first, let me say some introduction. I really love to make it more straightforward but, It will lose the value if I don’t explain a little bit more further about it on this post...

Doing it with practicality

I know how you put so much time in thinking or doing what you really love. I feel that it’s a human nature. Finding your passion, finding your purpose and your own original title. It’s a never-ending pursuit of happiness, it’s an everyday battle. We patiently waiting for it...

What makes a professional website

If you are planning to have a website for your business or just showcasing your professional work. When you’re ready, my professional features will help you make the most of your website. Follow these simple steps to get started...

Work hard on the things you love

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. But, it’s not as simple as that, no matter how much you love what you’re doing. The reality is, you need to work hard for it. It’s the correct sentiment.

Why Designplushub?

Our story starts in the ideation of a supportive culture, who share same values and purpose. We like to start this in that direction. It’s not just all about this creative space that can be shared, it’s all about the people who will used it in purposeful work. It can be for personal growth, to network with friends or just share simple act of kindness or just be a more human being.

Introducing DesignPlusHub: A creative space + community in Cavite, PH

Hey Everyone, I’m very excited to announce that we already bought the domain for our upcoming creative space here in Cavite. How cool is that? but, we all just started...

Building a Co Working Space here in Cavite

Who am I to do this? Do I have the guts and enough resources to do this? Why am I doing this? Why I need to put an effort in building this kind of space for creative community here in Cavite? Is there anyone who will be interested? What if they don’t like the idea? Drop the mic...

The Fear of Getting Started

We all have these questions; What if I can’t do it? What if I fucked up? Most of the time we fear about of what we can do. We are prevented by constant forces that making us weaker, and the truth is, it’s not always comes from outside forces...

Loving these Books

Big part of my progress and development is by reading books. I read more than before, I actually think that this is one of the key aspect of a successful life and successful hustle. So, I strongly encouraged you to grab a book and read it then apply what you’ve learn in a good manner...

3 Tips for Managing a Side Hustle + Full Time Job

The term “side hustle” has been gaining popularity for a while now and refers to a project you pursue in addition to your 9-to-5 job. A side hustle may or may not bring in income. Side hustlers are mainly looking to explore an interest, hone their skills, and share their work while growing an audience...

The Value of “I Don’t Know”

Are you Smart enough to say the word “I Don’t Know”? Or you have this ego and afraid to admit that you don’t know?

Simple, making it complicated

I'm a little bit late on my Sunday evening habit and I'm not proud about it. Please give me an opportunity to apologized. I'm sorry and thank you for reading this!

You need 3X hard-work to be our parents

This is not a guide on how to be a parent — But, a personal tone I would like to embark on being one of the courageous and hardworking breed I’ve ever known…

4 Skills you should have in order to win

It was a great week and I’m grateful for another week that approaching. I received a numerous feedback last week on some of my writings. It’s great knowing how I help them reach their creative confidence in my own and Very little ways. Another reason to keep my ass working and just keep going...

The Hidden Value of Rejection

For Creative Professionals, the worse scenario that we don’t like to happen is to be rejected. We like to be the best of our works. We try to pleased our client or others as much as possible. We put so much efforts on our works just to gained their trust and confidence for us...

5 Rules To Win The Day

With so much hate and violence floating around us in the past few Weeks. I wanted to shift and add a little bit love with this newsletter...

Don’t be too busy. Be productive instead

I always hearing this from people “I’m sorry. I’m too busy for this shit.” But always has a time to scroll on Facebook. Always has a time to post on Twitter. Always distracted, by their social means. If I have to be honest, Someone will hurt if I say upfront — Don’t be too busy. Be productive instead...

Practice, but don’t try to make it perfect

I believe, you already know the classic saying that “Practice makes perfect”. This wording is genius I will never denied that as I’ve been living in this thought since before I went out writing or designing...

Tips For Graduates Finding Their First Design Job

Looking for work in the design industry can be difficult and frustrating, especially If you’re fresh out from college and looking for your first professional job...

How I built my career from being a Factory Worker to a Full Bloom Designer?

Having a title of a designer's role sounds fancy right? it looks cool. This is how people see this profession. People found it awesome on how they make money from innovating product and crafting pretty things whether in digital format or on print...

Personal Branding Matters

Practical advice for building your brand identity, whether you work for yourself or with a team.

The things I learned from Francis Kong

It was interesting that my current agency invited me to attend a one-day training session facilitated by Francis Kong. I'm stoked about the training after hearing that I am one of the few of the chosen to attend this kind of seminar, a lot of expectations pop up into my mind...

Surrendering yourself to choose

Have you ever wondered that allowing yourself to choose can make you more productive, genuine, trustworthy and a purpose-driven individual?

How to let people know and find value on your story?

Storytelling or reading story about life struggles and success are two of the things that I'd find very fascinating but definitely one of the hardest part to do so...

Writing helps me supervise my creative life

Some of the worse habit I have is overthinking. I stressed myself thinking for the future, for some reason I know it can be good...

Online useful tools for creative professionals

I know days has gone so fast but 2017 has more to offer than you think.

Veer in a new direction for 2017

This blog exist for two reason. One, because I love to document my progress and filled my Life with writings.

The Essentialist

Weeks gone by so quickly, it's been a hell of a busy week. I'm starting to realized that I have so many things that I should be angry about. But in the opposite I am really grateful.

The Imposter Syndrome

This is one of the most talk about topic online as from the previous weeks.

Artist Manifesto

I am starting to realize that there is a big amount of possibilities when we share experiences and learning upfront.

List down your goals then just do it

Today, I'll share my list to you and how this list help me a lot to keep my ass working.

Time to check back

Looking back on this year so far

Term Life

Timing is everything. That’s the word that keeps popping on my head for the past few weeks. I need to blog this, so I did.

How To Hone Your Writing Skills?

A non-technical guide to hone your writing skills.

That's a Wrap

Feels like home, to be part of this awesome community who shares same passion and goals. That night is a blast full of good thoughts about Art, Design, Technology and also great food.

I guess I'm 25 Now

I always though that Age is just a number, but then I realized that it’s also a reflection of oneself.

Dribbble: Winning while losing!

It’s a great day! I feel wiser today so kind of like to blog some of my humbling experiences.

Work Hard. Trust God. Enjoy Life

It’s been a great year for me since last year started last June 2015 until now, that was the day when my web development skills again put into a never ending test in a very different environment.

Life with Writings

I am dreaming to have my own book. I’m a man of dreams and a man of works so I will start here.

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