Don’t be too busy. Be productive instead

I always hearing this from people “I’m sorry. I’m too busy for this shit.” But always has a time to scroll on Facebook. Always has a time to post on Twitter. Always distracted, by their social means. If I have to be honest, Someone will hurt if I say upfront — Don’t be too busy. Be productive instead...

Practice, but don’t try to make it perfect

I believe, you already know the classic saying that “Practice makes perfect”. This wording is genius I will never denied that as I’ve been living in this thought since before I went out writing or designing...

Tips For Graduates Finding Their First Design Job

Looking for work in the design industry can be difficult and frustrating, especially If you’re fresh out from college and looking for your first professional job...

How I built my career from being a Factory Worker to a Full Bloom Designer?

Having a title of a designer's role sounds fancy right? it looks cool. This is how people see this profession. People found it awesome on how they make money from innovating product and crafting pretty things whether in digital format or on print...

Personal Branding Matters

Practical advice for building your brand identity, whether you work for yourself or with a team.

The things I learned from Francis Kong

It was interesting that my current agency invited me to attend a one-day training session facilitated by Francis Kong. I'm stoked about the training after hearing that I am one of the few of the chosen to attend this kind of seminar, a lot of expectations pop up into my mind...

Surrendering yourself to choose

Have you ever wondered that allowing yourself to choose can make you more productive, genuine, trustworthy and a purpose-driven individual?

How to let people know and find value on your story?

Storytelling or reading story about life struggles and success are two of the things that I'd find very fascinating but definitely one of the hardest part to do so...

Writing helps me supervise my creative life

Some of the worse habit I have is overthinking. I stressed myself thinking for the future, for some reason I know it can be good...

Online useful tools for creative professionals

I know days has gone so fast but 2017 has more to offer than you think.

Veer in a new direction for 2017

This blog exist for two reason. One, because I love to document my progress and filled my Life with writings.

The Essentialist

Weeks gone by so quickly, it's been a hell of a busy week. I'm starting to realized that I have so many things that I should be angry about. But in the opposite I am really grateful.

The Imposter Syndrome

This is one of the most talk about topic online as from the previous weeks.

Artist Manifesto

I am starting to realize that there is a big amount of possibilities when we share experiences and learning upfront.

List down your goals then just do it

Today, I'll share my list to you and how this list help me a lot to keep my ass working.

Time to check back

Looking back on this year so far

Term Life

Timing is everything. That’s the word that keeps popping on my head for the past few weeks. I need to blog this, so I did.

That's a Wrap

Feels like home, to be part of this awesome community who shares same passion and goals. That night is a blast full of good thoughts about Art, Design, Technology and also great food.

I guess I'm 25 Now

I always though that Age is just a number, but then I realized that it’s also a reflection of oneself.

Dribbble: Winning while losing!

It’s a great day! I feel wiser today so kind of like to blog some of my humbling experiences.

Work Hard. Trust God. Enjoy Life

It’s been a great year for me since last year started last June 2015 until now, that was the day when my web development skills again put into a never ending test in a very different environment.

Life with Writings

I am dreaming to have my own book. I’m a man of dreams and a man of works so I will start here.

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